Our Services

We are Dallas' top rave support company. We have been active in the Dallas as well as OKC, New Orleans and Florida scene making the promters visions come true for over two years. We can supply four different componets for your party.


We can tailor our sound systems to your needs. From a small club party to filling the Dallas Music Complex, we can do it with high end equipment and the bass you want.


If you have seen them we can get them. Intellibeams, emulators, semi-intelligent lights whatever makes you happy.


The Party and DJ names mixed into a custom tailored video experience ensure colorful and interactive surroundings for the all night ravers.


High power water cooled lasers can complete the party by drawing designs on the wall and mind blowing beam effects overhead in the smoke.

We also supply all of the above to other groups and events like schools, churches, coprorate business meetings, rock concerts and parades. We are professionals that understand the scene.