Texas DJ Page

Have you ever been out at a party and wondered who that DJ was? Well I have and still do. If you remember what they look like you need to wonder no longer. I know, I know. Some of the DJs are not from Texas, but they played here and I was able to get their picture. If I made a mistake or someone wants added please mail me.

DJ Picture Name/email Group Style City Web Page RealAudio Site
Joel Alamo Purrin' Lion Jungle, Funk House, Hip-Hop Fort Worth None None
Miss Melissa DJ Syndicate Tech-House, Techno Fort Worth DJ Syndicate Mix1
Merrick Texas Hardcorps Tech-House, Techno Austin Merrick None
D1 D1 Productions Everything Dallas None None
Mario Zedan Progressize House, Hip-Hop, funky breaks Dallas None None
Twist-1 Twist-1 626 Soul Drum & Bass Austin TX Hardcorps None
Demarcus ? ? Dallas None None
Herb ? ? Austin None None
MK Ultra Texas Hardcorps Drum & Bass Austin None Techstep Technique
Zeno Zedan Tech-house, Techno (European/Detroit), Electro Dallas Zedan Productions None
Aeon D1 Trance Dallas None None
Nobody D1 Trance Dallas None None
Merritt KDGE Edge Club type stuff Dallas Edge Club None
Turtle Busy Town Jungle, Techno, D&B Dallas None None
Muppetfucker Texas Hardcorps happy hardcore Austin Muppetfucker Rainbow Blast
Tray Stylz RTFM ChicagoTechno and Chicago Hardhouse Dallas Tray Stylz Versatility
Mundo WikidDrama Records Drum&Bass Dallas WIKID None
Squiky WikidDrama Records Drum&Bass Dallas WIKID None
Rob Vaughn ? ? Dallas None None
Britton Groov-e Company ? Fort Worth None None
Michael Todd Groov-e Company ? Fort Worth None None
Squirt Herbal Science ? Dallas Squirt None
DJ #9 Herbal Science ? Dallas DJ#9 None
Andrue Herbal Science ? Dallas Andrue None
Bill Master Herbal Science ? Dallas Bill Master None
Albert ? ? Dallas None None
Shay Smith ? ? Dallas None None
Josh Wink ? ? Philladelphia None None
Zack ? ? Dallas None None
Diesel Boy ? ? Philly None None
Ali-g Club Oxygen high-energy house/proghouse, and trance/goa Costa Rica None None
4 Peace ? ? None None
Apache ? ? None None
Buddah ? ? None None
Mauro ? ? None None
Soul ? ? None None
Speed ? Breakbeat, house, speed garage and some ol' school Fort Worth None None
DJ Love Stellar Music breaks & hip hop Dallas None None
M.I.A. Pimpedelic HipHop Fort Worth None None
Krisp-e ? Jungle None None
Troy Parish ? ? None None
Keith Elliott iNfiNiTe pRoDucTioNs Experimental beat acid trance Dallas Keith Elliott WAV Files
John Branch Alien Records HOUSE, electro, techno Austin Alien None
Jester ? ? None None
Nigel Richards 611 Records Techno Philadelphia None None
Chris Anderson ? ? None None
Barry Weaver Funky Techno Tribe Techno Seattle None None
djkc Hardrive Crew ? Houston None None
Kung Fu Pimp Hardrive Crew ? Houston None None
R-Sin Hardrive Crew ? Houston None None
Lord Vishnu None ? ? None None
Curly UFORG Jungle Austin Curly None
Solarvibe UFORG ? Austin Solarvibe None
Alaric UFORG ? Austin Alaric None
Kinetic UFORG Techno Austin Kinetic Pigeonhole Principle RA Pigeonhole Principle MP3
Phild UFORG Trance Austin Phild None
Coy West 626 Soul House Austin 626 Soul None
Mel 626 Soul House Austin 626 Soul None
Chris Specht 626 Soul House Austin 626 Soul None
Robert M 626 Soul Drum & Bass Austin 626 Soul None
Stereotype KNON 89.3 Dallas Anything different and wierd Dallas KNON Grey Zone None
DJC 103.9 KHLR College Station Prog Trance, house, FunkyBreaks Austin/College Station Club X None
Eric J Zedan Epic Trance / Hard Trance / Techno Dallas Zedan Real Audio